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Most Beautiful Sampler (PROMO)

by NAJM Featuring Nelson C

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4-Track promotional maxi-single featuring the best selling tracks from NAJM Featuring Nelson C's "Most Beautiful Man" full-length album. We hope you enjoy them!


released October 23, 2013

Written, produced and remixed by Mark R Hagan (NAJM) for NAJM Records Inc.
Vocals by Nelson C
Recorded at Crooked Palm Studio, Wellington, Florida

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NAJM featuring Nelson C "Most Beautiful Man" uses sound samples courtesy of Sounds/To/Sample

Cover art by Mark R Hagan
No Attitude Just Music Publishing ASCAP



all rights reserved


NAJM Florida

NAJM Records Inc. co-founder Mark Hagan is a keyboard-based composer, lyricist, playwright, producer, musician, and creative director. Mark graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor Degree of Architecture. He continues to compose, write and produce projects across many genres. ... more

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Track Name: La Dolce Vida (Radio Edit)
La Dolce Vida
Music & Lyrics by Mark R Hagan

La Dolce Vida

Welcome to your life
A life of fantastic possibilities
Drink it in
Breath it out
Inside up
Outside down
Wash your soul with the music of the night
Let it soar across the morning light
You are the chosen,
The few who have seen
All that has been given,
The world in between
Track Name: Most Beautiful Man (Dance Mix Radio Edit)
Most Beautiful Man
Music & Lyrics by Mark R Hagan

Have you had the world's most beautiful man?
Most beautiful man, most beautiful man
Have you seen the world's most beautiful man?
From the mother land, to the mother land
Have you met the world's most beautiful man?
Most beautiful man, most beautiful man
Have you loved the world's most beautiful man?
You may have, but your head was buried in sand

You cannot contain him, He cannot be bought
From the moment you saw him, To the moment you lost
Be-Dazzle your dreams and Be-Dazzle your hopes
Dolce and Gabana to Swarofsky and la Prada

You find all you want, and you find all you need
Now wear it with the fierceness, that makes your fans bleed
Bo-tox in your forehead, derma-brasion's so harsh
You laser off the likeness, that made your heart soft


He cannot be modeled, can-not be conceived
The beauty that shines through, cannot be perceived
Unless you are willing, dig deep in your soul
Look past all the product, and into the hole

The black-ness that blinds you, will only remind you
Of the moment inside you, decided to find you
You wish that he'd see you, the beauty that frees you
He only concedes you, flash back to the preview

Track Name: Que Pasa (Radio Edit)
Que Pasa
Music & Lyrics by Mark R Hagan

Que Pasa Que Pasa
Que Pasa Que Pasa Que Pasa
Que Pasa Que Pasa
Que Pasa Que Pasa Que Pasa

Su Casa, Mi Casa
In Search of Nelly Rasta
Too Blasta, me faster
Que Pasa Que Pasa Que Pasa

Born like a butterfly now stings like a bee
These changes, two strangers, seek freak honesty
To Puta, Mi Puto, its all that I see
These limp wrist-ed bitches spraying glit-ter on me


Stand back all you trouble seekers leaning on me
Its too much to double all your geek fantasies
You touch it, you break it
You taste it, you bought it
You heard it, you burned it
You thought it, you learned it


At the Coli you can dance all night
Drinking blue until the morning light
These shirtless boys don't know how to dance
Get out the way I'll throw you a trance

Like a coconut on your teeth
Simple pleasures are a simple treat
Ask not if you can bust a move
DJ Pooky's gonna serve up a groove


Bring it yeah, bring it, I need the money...